Abraham Smith




you pretty much caught me


pouring water in milk


that’s like making curtains


out of old negligees folks have not suffered


same with music


when they sang for god


wicked and wonder fill fee


lot to be said for being scared as hell


chin up and


down in a good hole


that aspen crown for a month


in winter with your stethoscope


on a sleeping bear and tell me


that the earth does not go


mighty slow in stretching of midge


into eagle eating crow


i heard a mature eagle tried to take a fawn


the fawn did get up off the ground


a little but it was a no go


because the wings were stupid about fawn


and then the flies troubled


those two fishy talon wounds


for five days by my lights


and i am the only one


on earth with broken booze glass


for eyes the closer to water


the more the numberless bitin buzzes


it’s yours i won’t air colored


garden hose stretching between


up there and this little lost rambler


oh guess it's downhill all


post partial kill sky


knee guess it's knees then nape


in creek with a hey with a croupy wire hanger


of flies all popcorning down


like deer were bouncy wire hanger


we stretched into a basketball hoop


and shut the door and loved


that trim and door


would hold it up there children


maybe expect some fairly crazy things


and rolled dirty socks and dunked


the tastes for running


soon gained weight my one


and only hands




any place you stood in clear


a boat sailed the ocean


on the timber from there


and so a view another way of saying a boat


and lonely people peeping


through skinned glint sea


with the bad bread black teeth


the people of bread jawing bread so they


chewed themselves quiet up


so a see going meant a sea going


see mint sea inn endland


was only in the unglassed woods


that leaden footedness trucked with wings


distance's magics consumed


great fat toads name of root and stagger ray


the captain he said he could take the wrinkle


off the ocean if he pulled a string


through one nostril out the other


that would do it


rake the wrinkle right off the ocean


one infinite harsh eye pane


day they switched up tooths for seers


yes he knew that one thing like a call


the viburnum the handful of soil


all the way through himself like sugar


through cake


all you can ask of anybody


convict and crate and cranes the cop


in there that way but don't see him so


he stows fine to a new land


has him a new name


rhymes with fin subsumed in rain


we sleep sleep


re-wets our eyes for


meteor care of crater


yes effin sir


not everything shoulder


wearying chop and


chipping dig




young love is a knee blood


for beauty and its exquisite hesitancies


stat rash can't believe


the loved makes waste


in the can first i know of you


annul a knoll those quiet waters


only jesus could icefish in summer


event lists lisp in fire


i felt bad for the fire could not talk right


stone went off like a shot


they worked on my teeth with pig fat all night


i could breathe out a farm


but i could not hire the labor


they call 'em dirt farmers because


that's their tooth on back that ant


event ants carry only resized moon


shield herald of


turn it it says good night


you dapper rascal you


now don't ya ever flue flu flu


bird ohh to hear young love


making water in the bathroom


bout three hour fore dawn all the world's a library


don all the cold people are tiny needles and


every cloud's shoulder's your grandmother the librarian


mmm some shy thread piercer


rebinds soft porns to spines


under the coverlets of the holy books


neither sheer nor shrill it's all just


big tits shower scenes it's


every s save one in


house for snake spaghetti-ing over highway


hurry-rah that's oop that fine name


for the rattler we trained


to mou(s)e wall(s) (s)topped


having heart(s) again




37 by now keats Williams


charley patton are really


very dead maybe i’ve paid


in funeral two dollar bills


enough for my words to say


something grand of myself


but trailing off in volume at the end


to paddle myself live


live rich of eye and hand on the second growth ivy


shade of a passing hawk it's like a stage beard


on a cable pulled


across the planked ground it's like coffee


actually jumps if you stare it at right


that mine is goldless oh


show slow beard pen wool pencil filings firings well


nighttime well


one frog sings in clear


mood ring redder greener together


however the day goes


hits that cool of a searcher at and as


the wing and the wind and body crest


good dark touch'll just judge jug


hello higher bellow weather


clean breeze cleaning service sir vice sire


or teleprompt orgasm ash


ain’t just for guns anymore o all over


my why all this my


our our now naturalized skin


ABRAHAM SMITH hails from Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Action Books published his Whim Man Mammon (2007) and Hank (2010). These poems stem from his manuscript called ONLY JESUS COULD ICEFISH IN SUMMER. Winters, he instructs at University of Alabama; summers, he farmhands at Hawks’ Highland Farm.