Peter Davis

How It’s All a Little Silly but Important



Being interested in poetry is like being

interested in show cattle.

Being interested in show cattle is like being

interested in birds. People,

it's all the same bag that we pick from.

I know of people who believe in ideas

of supremacy.

But I love show cattle without knowing

anything about them.

I had a student who wrote a paper

about them once and it was great. I gave

her an A.

Poetry is a sort of 4-H.

Do you have interests? It's likely

they're a sort of 4-H, too.

Terrific New Records



My brother and his family

are here tonight

and no doubt photos may

follow, but it's good

to have a brother and family

and it's good

for me

to have kids and have

kids play with my kids

and act like a kid.

As a kid I had my

brother and he chased me

on hockey skates.

What about humans?

That's what I'm talking

about. The way

a robot-free future

sounds on the phonograph.


PETER DAVIS’ books of poetry are Hitler’s Mustache, Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! and TINA. He lives in Muncie, Indiana with his sweet wife and children and teaches at Ball State University. More info at