Lucia Znamirowski

Mother Theresa and Frank Zappa: Lovechild Age 29 by Lucia ZnamirowskiCourtney Love and Walt Whitman: Lovechild Age 17 by Lucia ZnamirowskiMadonna and Houdini: Lovechild Age 39 by Lucia ZnamirowskiMaya Dern and Nietzsche: Lovechild Age 32 by Lucia ZnamirowskiÉmilie du Châtelet and Voltaire: Lovechild Age 20 by Lucia ZnamirowskiTilda Swinton and David Bowie: Lovechild Age 18 by Lucia ZnamirowskiMiss Pamela (GTO) and Dennis Hopper: Lovechild Age 40 by Lucia ZnamirowskiJane Goodall and Lou Reed: Lovechild Age 44 by Lucia Znamirowski


The practice of drawing by hand is a cultural tradition preserved by its reconfirming presence. I work in companion images to emphasize the space between each composition. I am able to tell as much in an image by what is NOT there as by what is there. The limited palette is used to activate space and surface.  Drawing allows me to flush out rapid ideas and to move quickly through processes. Drawing is always important as a means to elaborate and intensify different surfaces. First comes the drawing, then the picture- not the other way around. I want to suggest the limitations of what is being seen in order to find visual metaphors that allow for exploration. It is here where the basic plan of the picture is revealed, and simultaneously the impossibility of the picture.  This is where the first abstraction takes place that leads to the picture.
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