Marcos Morales

Water by Marcos Morales by Marcos MoralesFrom Far Away by Marcos MoralesHalf Orange by Marcos MoralesSoftcore Love by Marcos MoralesYo Galgo by Marcos MoralesHit by Marcos MoralesLife and Death by Marcos Morales


Photo of visual artist Marcos Morales

MARCOS MORALES is a graphic designer and collage artist based in Heidelberg, Germany. As in collage, chance played a big role in his professional life. A series of events and projects led him to use this broad technique more and more often. Walking on the thin line between design and illustration he tries to find sense in images that look very different in aspect but become very close in meaning.


With a background in visual communication and branding education, his collages are loaded with structures, meanings and hidden messages that sometimes are very clear and some others let the viewer generate and create their own story. He uses analog and digital tools to build images that mix elements from a big range of media, from digital textures to hand made drawings and contemporary photography. Treating collage as a moment of stealing and recreating the meaning of images, his works pursues to steal viewerʼs attention and let them discover the hidden details.