Dave Carulli

Untitled by Dave CarulliOnlookers by Dave CarulliPriorities by Dave CarulliUntitled by Dave CarulliGet Through This Thing, Whatever It Is by Dave CarulliUntitled by Dave Carulli


Dave Carulli is a photojournalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His interest in analog photography began while studying at the University of Akron, and has been galvanized by his background in journalism. His photography is explored through his travels and subconscious whims, rarely having any one direction. Over time, he allows this approach to reveal patterns in composition as well as themes of human irony, solitude, absurdity and emotion. He strives to preserve the journalistic integrity of photography by working with physical negatives and slides, and doing any double or triple exposures in-camera, prior to development or printing. More of his work can be seen on his Flickr and Instagram.