BJ Love

from A Man Called BJ Love



Little cloud, why you throwing all this shade?

I have a love whose skin is sunset, whose hips

are worth scaling, worth climbing. My hands

are dusk and sweaty. My eyes the first star you see

tonight. O I wish I may, I hope you might let me

kiss your face. There are spots where we can

easily see New Hampshire, and that’s where we

will make our babies. Where we will swirl our space

dust and stir whole things into being. And you

know what? Let the grass grow. We can watch

each other run through it, and be all romantic

and shit. You see, the thing about mountains

is that they are awesome. The thing about me

is that I am gushing. The thing about you is that

you have a rock solid knowledge of geology. And

if anyone asks, this is how we have managed

to carve out this little glowing life for ourselves.


BJ LOVE’s poems have been published in H_NGM_N; Forklift, OH, Sink Review; Spork; and elsewhere. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, he produces Pretty LIT, a podcast that features literature, with a little stank on it.