Caroline M. Mar


a duplex



Where can I set this inheritance down?
Maybe every winter was like this, once.


I know every winter was like this once,
The whiteness devised to draw us in.


The ways whiteness devises to draw us in:
We will not hurt you. A gentle approach.


It won’t hurt you; take the gentlest approach:
A rustic wood bench, a sheepskin throw pillow.


Rustic wood benches, sheepskin throw pillows,
Who needs a fence when the bears walk through?


No need for a fence. The bears walk through,
Always hungry. They do so much needing.


I am always hungry, full of my needing.
I know how to spend an inheritance down.


CAROLINE MEI-LIN MAR is the author of Special Education (Texas Review Press, forthcoming October 2020). A San Francisco local and health educator, Carrie is doing her best to keep her gentrifying hometown queer and creative. She is a graduate of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College, an alumna of VONA, and a member of Rabble Collective. She has been granted residencies at Vermont Studio Center and Ragdale, and is a member of the board of Friends of Writers. You can write to Carrie at P.O. Box 460491, San Francisco, CA 94114.