Davy Knittle

[fits and starts]



what do you think when I hang out brightly

with your ankles and get into the bed

and my hands are beneath a blue waistband

one man mad on a porch is two big cats

he goes small behind the windows and then

overnight I try to bite through my face

turning my hand as though on a key and

Chicago shows its shoes and keeps shining

your lips – busted and formal as miles

like weather toying and yellow in strips

squeeze my fist till its thick as a milkshake

toothpaste in fits is on your greener breath

breath makes your chest a part of Chicago

I don’t read up on what Chicago does

[gold yeller]



I was working in a cheese factory

debating the jetsons and consensus

it was a kitchen – our product ballooned

we rented a basement – I saw no one

I quit it and looked at people for free

my sneakers got hot against new pavement

I did school to make effort and work friends

I’m still pale and sheepy in new classrooms

then it had been my problem – deeply set

as yellow – and hard like wolves

hard as the edge of your property

in your voice I say you left your shoes outside

lose your rights and you won’t have a birthday

I firm my brow red until I feel it

[victory slump]



do your ears play music are they peachy

are they into shrinkage are they here for

some pajamas are they scratching themselves

to stimulate bystanders do they note

closings – read around the edges of town

do they wear a too-big uniform

does runoff sound to them like infill’s pants

did they hear that land has to be brief now

do your ears take vacations do they laugh

like whistles in isolated pitches

does the regular pelt of skateboarding

appeal to them – do they spray are they time-

based like tickets like brush fires like tide

do they like being music do they sit


DAVY KNITTLE is the author of the chapbooks empathy for cars / force of july (horse less press 2016) and cyclorama (The Operating System 2015). His poems and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in The Brooklyn RailFence, Jacket2, and Forklift Ohio, and his collaborations with Sophia Dahlin have appeared recently in Eleven Eleven. He lives in Philadelphia.