Joshua Young

from Sleep Ambulance



the land sharks


on the art of




the gutter-shake


of alleys—


there are so many movies


with the right kind of speeches


& goosebumps


are plenty—


& there’s another scene


with a man




on how a woman looks


sexual harassment


makes for snappy dialogue


god look at him leer


i know what he’ll say


by looking at the fucking look


on his face


ok so what are we doing


about it


what are we doing


with all this water


i call my friends


because there is such


a loneliness in walking


through wicker park


when its crowded


i do not own a polo shirt


ash in the leaves


chickens in the road


you & i


are unloading


what we’ve grown


into this car ride


i will always forget


peanut butter—


or something


vital to dinner


aluminum in the air


rust in the water


the pipes are strong


above our heads


outside some dude


is saying


come on baby


come on baby


i was only kidding


you look good


i don’t know


what to do with my body


& i feel weird


standing here


like is everyone looking at me




yes is it finally green


would this be considered


an avant garde




how do we construct a narrative


i don’t drink


snapple anymore


lets look at the originals


lets look obsession


in the face


lets look for lookings sake


leer some would say


the why of it


the dark parts


here is a picture


of the blood-moon


in case there are clouds


JOSHUA YOUNG is the author of four collections, most recently, THE HOLY GHOST PEOPLE (Plays Inverse Press, 2014). His work has appeared in Gulf Coast, Bat City Review, Fugue, Puerto del Sol, Vinyl, Third Coast, Cream City Review, Court Green, among others. His feature film, Do You See Colors When You Close Your Eyes?, was official selection at Seattle International Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival, and Montreal International Black Film Festival. He is Editor-in-Chief for The Lettered Streets Press and works at the University of Chicago. He lives in the Albany Park neighborhood with two humans.