Krystal Languell

I'll See it When I Believe it



In a scenario where someone is learning about how to care

for a sports car in winter, I envy that information or is it

that attention? To be precisely told the temperatures and

viscosity for optimal mechanical function of your own heavy

engine, the tenderness I would need in order to not feel

like a fool, how easily that would come in the fantasy where

I am paired with a generous expert on impractical subjects.

I can be taught. Do you believe me? He brought home

a glass Stanley Tucci drank vodka from and I wrapped it in

a washcloth and smashed it with a hammer. I didn’t learn

anything in that situation, except that my instincts for how

to safely break glass were accurate and present all along.

Someone smashed my car window and stole my GPS and

my coin purse, some packages, two bikes, and he said he’d

do something about it. This is over a period of time. He was

going to check the bike shops, but no in fact he was not

ever going to do that. He was happy I’d been riding my bike

because he wanted me out of the house and initially I felt

bad for the thief but by the second bike I was losing my patience.


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KRYSTAL LANGUELL lives in Chicago. She is the author of two books, Call the Catastrophists (BlazeVox, 2011) and Gray Market (1913 Press, 2016), and five chapbooks. New work is forthcoming from Gramma and Fence.