Lisa Ciccarello

Worth is the wrong word



The most beautiful thing



in the world is something



I don’t already own.



If I want anything, what



I really want is debt.

Forgive my carrion ways




This time last year



it was this time






& I still didn’t have



what I wanted.






I think aloneness inside a relationship



can be defined as






I was waiting for a text from you



while reading a text from you.






Or how sometimes, talking to you



was like getting the dialtone of the spirit.







& anyway there isn’t a word



that describes what I feel



when the rain comes down



for the fourth night in a row



& the only shirt I packed



is sheer & we



aren’t sleeping in the same room.







Tonight, I want to destroy my body



with the body



being shorthand



for the recorded history



of my mistakes.


LISA CICCARELLO is the author of five chapbooks, most recently & if I die, make me how you are, from The New Megaphone. Her poems have appeared in HandsomeTin HouseDenver Quarterly, PEN Poetry SeriesBetter Magazine, Poor Claudia & Corduroy Mtn., among others. She is also the poetry editor at draft: The Journal of Process.