Niina Pollari

There You Go Again You Say You Want
Your Freedom




Every time you make a mistake, you are sent a dog. It is a German Shepherd. But it is not like a normal

dog. Its life is much shorter so it ages visibly. Your mistakes gather around you in the form of quickly

deteriorating German Shepherds. You can touch them. Sometimes you do not even know you’ve made a

mistake until the dog comes.



We walk around sharing one hot dog bun, pinching pieces off it with our fingers and thumbs. It’s

beautiful outside, the fire finally stopped burning and the side of the house is like a big punched face.

Why do people talk about the weather when there are people we could talk about? “It’s amazing how

many small men there actually are,” you say into the podcast you’re recording.



A marketing manager asks you if you would like a spritz of a little something. But you don’t like things

going up your nose unless you put them there. Your face is wrinkling and your eyes are getting smaller

and more dry. She walks away and it’s just you and the guy with the towelettes and he says “It’s not like

you killed someone.”

Six Mercedes-Benz on Fire on the Freeway



When I look at this huge knife

It makes me want to hold my jugular tenderly


And promise it never

Will a bad thing happen to it.


Bad thing happen

To babies all the time.


Why does this pair of socks have leaves stuck all over the bottom of it.

Well why do you think.


NIINA POLLARI’s first book DEAD HORSE came out from Birds, LLC in 2015. She also translated Tytti Heikkinen’s The Warmth of the Taxidermied Animal (Action Books 2012).