Sahar Muradi

the great green field

for Soma



here is the great green field

where at last I can remove the high heel of language

let the body supple in its meaning

her mouth my guide

it’s the mouth I live for

that lives for me

her wail that shatters wild

small heart beasting out of cage

my animal wonder

every day


and if she purpled awake

not from my legs

but from the medicated sheet of men

and if my mouth sealed with each breaking

each violent crashing of the news

and if the year was marked by the believers

and the disbelievers

and if I believe will no one believe

in the name of God he thrust

into me

and if in her butoh tender hands I hang



on language

that meats me pulverizes me

in public

revels in the republic

for whom I was not natural

so naturalized me

makes of her miracle

a mockery, life

before life

after which islands

better eaten by the sea


say, I see you

dare daughter

hear you

against all belief

brave this thin earth

devolving in the jaws

dream you

perfectly personed

in body


least secret to yourself

the most sacred

you scare them




SAHAR MURADI is author of the chapbook [ G A T E S ] (Black Lawrence Press), co-author of A Ritual in X Movements (Montez Press), and co-editor of One Story, Thirty Stories: An Anthology of Contemporary Afghan American Literature (University of Arkansas Press). More at