Scherezade Siobhan

Sertraline - I



One never strays beyond the possibility of return. (C. Aria)



Love, this is a pity

grovel for beauty

when the bomb

would suffice. Some

-thing in the color of

an accent, its sowed


attics where the tick

worsens in dormancy

& if you say affection

is a primer for ownership

then what bargained

quarantines do I apply

to my ache? No light

may reign me and still

I want to be blue with

you. A base, brutal balding

of pain across the surface

& conceit of every known

fear. Estás durmiendo en otro

país. God embodied is

a deadened blade, exists

as a shape subtracted from

its occasion. Once upon

a child, I was splendid

gestalten. A furious

chiaroscuro. In therapy

someone says depression

is when a body turns

into a robbed grave.

Analogia entis doesn’t

warm back your tea 7

hours after you failed

to unzip your wrists again

It just stills the wings of

a rook caught in the wrought

iron of your window. Its black

glows each feather in the shape of

new blood bordering your eye


SCHEREZADE SIOBHAN is an award-winning psychologist, writer, and a community catalyst who founded and runs The Talking Compass — a therapeutic space dedicated to providing counseling services and decolonizing mental health care. Her work is published or forthcoming in Medium, Berfrois, Feministing, SPR, jubilat, DATABLEED, Nat Brut, Winter Tangerine, Cordite among others. She is the author of Bone Tongue (Thought Catalog Books, 2015), Father, Husband (Salopress, 2016) and The Blues Kali (Forthcoming, Lithic Press). Find her @zaharaesque on twitter or send her chocolate and puppies —