Tommy Pico

from Junk



The covers up to our shoulders we lay in the couchbed of our

preconceptions, separating I steady walk back to the land where


I dunno you Took you long fuckin enough Now I’m stupid and

sugar-free and frothing The only thing harder than writing is


quitting candy And the only thing harder than quitting candy is

walking all day and buttering into bed in my body Now that I’m


fully inhabiting my cement maybe I’m closer to the sacral joy of

thinking into my ribcage? Convention says a book shd be this


long but I’m only interested in writing as long as you want to

read in one sitting My aura is a strawberry shortcake dessert


bar and the popular American corn snack Funyuns My safe

word is Go to hell Katy Perry pronounced “Catty” I’m writing a


sitcom about butts and counting called Number Two The tag-

line is “turn the other cheek” Most times I’m a maniac, other


times losing an arm wrestling match Sitting for longer and

longer but paying less and less attention, evolutionarily Is a load


easier to swallow with a “we” We’ve known for centuries that

time is a bossy bird curdler Protrude from the green and calling


it “bud” Sometimes you need to read something more than once

My joint is Mary Jane The theme is harmony of a gradient Let’s


hold hands and walk to the water taxi in matching tank tops but

we call the tank tops “wedges” and the wedges are a chipwich


and our cherry Cokes are a summer afternoon where we can’t

do anything but lean into the grass at that carousel park in


Dumbo with the lap of the river and the dollhouse of lower

Manhattan face-fucking us while we neck and, later, face-fuck

from Nature Poem



Let’s say I want to get a nose piercing.


Let’s say I’m 30 years old.


Let’s say nothing big and bull-like, nothing too attractive, nothing chandeliering

from septum to lobe. Just a simple, little stud nothing more.


Is it normal to get a nose ring at 30?


Normal is defined not by what it is, but what surrounds it. Meaning it could literally be

anything, and is nothing.


Is it normal to get a nose ring at 30?


No, it’s not.


Am I just afraid of death?


Yes, probably.


Is there nothing more normal than fearing death?


It is very natural to fear death.


Should I get a nose ring?


It would look very cute on you















Last night I had a dream I was a ghost who gave blow jobs and that’s pretty much

the experience of dating in the city.


TOMMY “TEEBS” PICO is the author of IRL (forthcoming from Birds, LLC). He was a Queer/Art/Mentors inaugural fellow, 2013 Lambda Literary fellow in poetry, and has poems in BOMB, The Offing, and [PANK]. Originally from the Viejas Indian reservation of the Kumeyaay nation, he now lives in Brooklyn and with Morgan Parker co-curates the reading series Poets With Attitude (PWA) @heyteebs