Jessica Baer

Earth Wedging Light



This is the caesura

Wherecoasts, I miss

Yr turns: in


Hyperborean sleep

Chambers forms

The cell:



My pentacostal


The spread:




Tossed fires,


Spent petals to

Loose: petals


Swift tissues

Chrysalips re

Store what

The poem would

Close on


My sea

-born fractured


& trails

light winds



yr after

image &

I keep


At waves,



The band

Shell replays

& pry new


to touch

itself, only

green in








Satellites, if you can come back

to the ellipse

you lapse in      the panoply   

of forms, words’



the brittleness green / fingers that tear

threads the roof / warped

b/t stations of form &

a content engenders


my grandmothers: in

side the harmonices—

angels that pull up



the forms-stations b/t


the light crease in

a hand palms frond

and jute weather boxes


that we make

trains, noise contours / of evocation

thrash parades: at last

confetti ultimatums

out lines  the world

delimited an other

pass at time hands

pass them away


my deserts grown uncome

ly: husking thru


yr strange rays I keep

catching in to

flares at the pauses

breaks in – the feet

caryatid collapsing

structures a long shore

man architects

to himself: a glass

or the window when he

dyes the embroidered

turn the phrase in

to talons? We can’t

equivocate w the

impartial fury of

nebulas: that its voice

constellate on   & on

a spindle          needleseye

we weave & in

graft signs

my semiotics re

current & waves we

unsea being consciously

in descent of the draft

sign dislocates


my loyalty to forms

brambles thru, w/ these

mermaids: birdbeak

violence dips: its shoulder

a canvassed world

the sensorium pivots to


reclaim its oceanchord

we relict

our barrens



to recreate


in the clay instant

uncome in


bells, & clanging down


my ladders


& the involutes

Endless when we

Crane in to fuse

Stamen stay



Yr verses

Cowboys & the thresh

Holds the chaff


They elapse

An outgoing sign

Commandantes the west

Wetworlds I release

To a face

Not a fixture / we can



Or I go away

As threatbirds: homing

The seas insolvent


And mutating on

A vocable – light

Or the lower ranges

Where cattle prey

Birds we break their






& no one is





At home on the stage

Of referents we

Disband the nomen

-Clature rock shifts



& the hill

Locks–  we valley away


IV. I’ll have to


Lose the immanence

Of contents stumbled

Again we scrap

Heaps & love

I just inter / the limb?

Disjointed: a method

Of speaking into

Ligature – it

Flexs yr postulate

Back upon: the specular

Grounds a noise

We chain

Link w/ bars


I can not but

Submerge / I can

Not, but there


Last glances out

Side the gate:

Exteriors a carousel

& a fence scaffolds

Further & the garden

Drops behind yr green

Meteors recede – in



To resurrection:


I hulled

Meat – bodybags         is not / plow

Blades that plow bodies: epokhed

& we trundle w/ the

Blanks in the

Line dance, I careen

Into you—canyons? blood


What surfaces is

The machine

The thresher locked

In / to its throat

& choking on

Sound, it re






I curve to

Bramble in

Tangle them

Ponyshybowedinthe:lyre, reins

Meteors we un

Furl cords to / depart


VI. okeanos it



Waves relentless

So, I gesticulate

To retrieve my

Self – in the knot


-World climbs down

Making / unmaking



& dominion: a range

The frontier is

Anger: I thrash

Back words



Throne semiotic::handlesomatic

Much fissure in

Crease the lids

Rims lapped blue

Ourselves? Undid

The deer is

Blue terrestrial


rivers I transgress

The recurrency fluted

Wings nestled / the spine

Disfinger them

Colonnades horse is



VII. Broke-in


My arcades the last

Dance I tumble

True to position

Figures it fissures

Itself out

Side rain slants


The rest remains / itself






Limbs you endjamb

The open: ends


& horsing

words, I act out

The Mountain ends

Mise en scene


Green throes down

Plains, I shrug w/


These: mt.s

babyteeth: & ridges



w/ Horses, I ride

Them again


IX. voweloosened


satellites, in gods

arc we

intersect chains we

come down


X. as earth quarries to it / self



deer & we over


turn to minerals


JESSICA BAER received their BA in Creative Writing from Georgia State University in 2011. They love Chicago. Their work has been featured in Bone Bouquet, Fruita Pulp, Horse Less Review, DELUGE, Prelude Mag, The Boiler Journal, Alien Mouth, HOUND, and LEVELER. They have a future chapbook with Magic Helicopter Press called Holodeck One (2017) . They have a lifetime ban from Whole Foods and also love horses.